The respective inspiration for this watch was the ALBATROSS D-III with the aircraft identification 153.52. The pilot of this aircraft was Godwin von Brumowski, who was the most successful Austrian-Hungarian fighter pilot (with 40 won air combats).

Three of his ALBATROSS D-III have a very eye-catching red paint. Characteristic of these 3 red aircraft was the painted skull (white on black ground). The indentification numbers of these 3 aircraft were: 153.45, 153.52 and 153.209.

The ALBATROSS D-III with the identification 153.52 was subordinated to the Jagdfliegerverband FliK 41 J.

The FliK 41 J had the reputation of beeing the best unit of the Austrian aviation troop.

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1)  The red colour of this dial is based on the original painting of this aircraft.

2)  The two arrows on the dial at position 9 are taken from a historical instrument for measuring the vertical speed. In this case, the upper arrow shows the service peak height of the 153.52, the lower arrow shows the water tightness of the watch (data in feet).

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1) The manufacturer’s name ALBATROSS D-III and 153.52 can be found at position 12 of the caseback.

 2) The engraving with the side view of the 153.52 is centrally located on the back of the case. The white skull on a black ground, the aircraft identification 153.52 and the cross pattée on the fin are very characteristic.

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